GME Research

Krystle Trosclair, PhD

GME Research Director

Krystle TrosclairKrystle Trosclair, PhD, is a Shreveport native who earned her Master’s and Doctorate degrees from LSU Health Shreveport in the fields of Clinical Human Anatomy and Neurocardiac Electrophysiology, respectively. As the GME Research Director, Dr. Trosclair aims to amplify and diversify the research endeavors of Willis-Knighton residents by working closely with program faculty and trainees to develop well-rounded, comprehensive answers to the clinical questions of our day. With a background in basic science and clinical research, she works to bridge the clinical dilemmas presented in community-based healthcare with the calculated, scientific approaches and advanced technologies common to the research arena.

After graduating from LSUS in 2012, Dr. Trosclair began teaching gross anatomy, embryology, histology and neuroanatomy to medical students, allied health students, and residents at LSU Health Shreveport. As the Director of the Gross Anatomy Cadaver Lab, Dr. Trosclair served as faculty in Cellular Biology and Anatomy while leading numerous cadaveric-based clinical research projects alongside skilled physicians in all medicine and surgical specialties. In 2020, Dr. Trosclair became the Director of Neurosurgical Research for the Department of Neurosurgery at LSU Health Shreveport where she still serves as gratis faculty for research and education.

Dr. Trosclair has won several state, regional, and national awards for her research endeavors. Some of her former projects include: computational neurosurgery systemization for predictive modeling/machine learning, human primary adult neuronal stem cell harvest and culture optimization, neoadjuvant stereotactic radiosurgery for metastatic lesions, “smart” ventriculoperitoneal shunt development, anti-inflammatory- infused matrix coating for chronic intracranial electrode implantation, atypical meningioma incidence dissimilarities across gender and race, factors influencing female trainees pursuing surgical careers, algorithmic determination of tendon location within the leg for use in muscular repair, virtual reality/holography and 3D printing applications for resident training, surgical planning, and patient education.


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