Message from the DIO

Dr. Donnie AultmanI am very happy to welcome you to explore the graduate medical educational programs available at Willis Knighton Health.

Our GME department has been established with professionals who have strong track records in academic medicine and I invite you to look at the team we have assembled.

As the DIO, I am honored to lead the various GME programs throughout our health system. To this end, our mission is:

To foster an environment in which high quality Graduate Medical Education provides our residents the opportunity to excel in patient care, education, and research while preparing them to become leaders in healthcare. They will strive to continuously improve the health and well-being of the people we serve while living our core values of *Excellence*Compassion*Diversity*Integrity*Outreach.

Our GME team provides support for all of our programs through a centralized GME office, and our goal is to provide the highest quality GME programs that will allow trainees to provide the highest level of compassionate care to the people we serve. The entire GME team is committed to ensuring that we provide our residents with the best possible clinical learning environment to provide the most superior care to the patients we serve, while also assuring that we maintain our clinical learning and education hour requirements and provide the residents with an environment that l fosters their well being and wellness. We are committed to providing a diverse work force in which residents can take care of the similarly diverse group of patients we see. We want to assure that the residents not only are well trained to take care of patients during their training but are also able to excel in their chosen fields once they complete the program. We also believe that residents will become good teachers and be able to teach and instruct students and their peers below them. Also, as part of this, residents gain an even greater depth of knowledge by participating in clinical research which also allows them to understand and evaluate current literature and data. We have a director of scholarly activity for the GME office who has a strong track record in academia. I am extremely proud of what we have developed within the Willis Knighton Health to further education and the health and well-being of our community. I invite you to explore the different links listed below to learn more about our organization and GME programs.

Dr. Donnie Aultman
Designated Institutional Official

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