Simulation Training and the WKHS Innovation Center

The WKHS General Surgery simulation lab will be located at the Willis-Knighton Innovation Center and will be available to the residents 24 hours a day via badge access. The simulation and skills curriculum consists of monthly sessions. The curriculum will follow the ACS/APDS Surgery Resident Skills Curriculum. PGY-1 residents will complete Phase 1 & 3 of the curriculum, and PGY-2 residents will complete the Phase 2 curriculum. PGY-3 residents will focus on FLS and FES skills in preparation for completing the examinations by the completion of the PGY-3 year. PGY-4 and 5 residents will have continued access and will be encouraged to use the simulation lab to work of specific skill areas or prepare for upcoming cases.

The surgical skills curriculum is based on the ACS/APDS surgery residency skills curriculum and includes three phases. Phase 1 includes 16 modules that address basic surgical skills. Phase 2 includes 15 modules that address advanced skills and procedures, and Phase 3 includes 10 modules that address team-based skills. This conference is designed to enable residents to be familiar with proper surgical technique prior to application in the operating room. The simulation training begins with an intern "boot camp" at orientation and continues longitudinally throughout the residency. Sessions are divided into specific modules each led by a faculty advisor. Each skills training module lasts approximately 60-120 minutes and consist of brief didactics followed by practical sessions with immediate feedback and proficiency verification.

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